World Top 10 highest paid actors in a movie 2019

World Top 10 highest paid actors in a movie 2019


They are famous, handsome, and extremely rich. Many directors dream to star them in the movies. We present to your attention the top-10 of the world highest paid actors of the year 2018 according to Forbes. Are you ready to know the name of the highest paid actor in the world? Keep reading to be impressed!

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The financial magazine Forbes took into account the income of the actors precisely for the year 2018, the amount of money received by the actors from June 2017 to June 2018, without taxes. If you sum up the fees of these 10 highest paid actors of the year 2018, you’ll get a crazy sum of 748 million dollars.
10. Chris Evans — $34 million
The actor’s income over the past year rose to $34 million, and he entered top ten actors with significant revenue. Chris Evans’s profit for the indicated period is approximately twice as low as the income of his colleague from the Avengers, Robert Downey Jr. However, participation in superhero blockbusters still brings him the most significant part of his income.

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