List of Record Label With Top Artiste That Went From Top To...

List of Record Label With Top Artiste That Went From Top To Bottom After they Left (No.2 Is So Painful)


the Nigerian music industry over the past few years, we have something interesting to say to help Label owners avoid making such terrible mistakes.
Many top Record labels have failed terribly because they build their business around 1 major artiste instead of trying to grow all the artistes signed under the label.
It’s a sad thing to see the key act exit the Label without any better replacement available on ground . Things will start going bad and the reputation of the Label will start noise-diving and everything will eventually collapse.
We hope and pray to God to help struggling labels get back on their feet and we hope existing & new labels will also learn from this.
As Nigeria’s No. 1 Music and Entertainment Website, we present to you the Top 5 Record Labels That Went From The Top To Bottom (Hero To Zero) After Their Major Artiste Used The Exit Door.
Let’s go

1. EME Records – Wizkidimages (8)
EME Records used to be one of the most powerful Record Label in Nigeria back then with a handful of talented acts signed under it.
EME Records was owned by
Olubankole Wellington popularly known as Banky W . The label housed amazing entertainers such as Wizkid ,
Skales , Niyola, DJ Xclusive ,
Shaydee and few others.
Trouble started between
Wizkid and EME in 2012 after they had issues with the way funds is being shared between both parties including the manager.akon-wizkid-and-bankyw2
The issue was later resolved but not too long after, trouble started again in the camp which sees Wizkid finally exiting the Label.
EME Records gradually started losing their shine until the Label finally folded up after the Exit of Skales .
Shaydee and Niyola put in all their best to remain under the Label but was forced to move on away from EME.

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